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Article Creating and Managing Support Tickets in the Client Area
This tutorial will teach how to create and manage support tickets in the client area. Support tickets are a great way of communicating with us when...
Views: 1775
Article How to Change Your Client Area Password
This tutorial will teach you how to change your password for your client area. Remember, this password is different than the password for your...
Views: 393
Article How to View Website Statistics in cPanel using AWStats
This tutorial will teach you how to check on who is viewing your website using the program in cPanel called AWStats.This program updates every 24...
Views: 389
Article Reviewing Your Hosting Packages in the Client Area
This will teach how to review your Hosting Packages through your Client Area. This tutorial will assume that you are already logged into WHMCS. If...
Views: 308
Article Uploading and managing your files and folders using FileZilla
This tutorial will teach you how to upload files using the FTP program FileZilla, and then how to manage those files and folders. You should have...
Views: 286

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